When you think about some of the regular everyday items that you see in the store, you might not think about plr, but this could be private label at its finest.  Just think about the basic coffee mug that you have in your cabinet.  It might be a regular coffee mug.  Do you even know who made it?  The coffee mug just works.   You don’t really care that much about it, right.  The coffee mug just works everyday for your regular morning coffee routine.  As long as it doesn’t break, it stays in the game.

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The plain white coffee mug could be like plr.  You might see a million of them in the local retail store.  The price for the regular white coffee mug might be very cheap.  At the same time that you see the plain coffee mug, you might also see some white coffee mugs with designs on them.  Quickly take a look at the prices for regular coffee mugs versus the branded coffee mugs.  There could be a difference in the price.

The coffee mugs with printed messages on them might be more niche than the regular white coffee mugs that are cheaper.   You might pay a different price for coffee mugs depending on where you buy them.  It could be the same white coffee mug, but depending on the store, you might end up paying more money for it.  Buying coffee mugs at the dollar store or buying coffee mugs at the high end stores might be completely different experiences and expectations.  The coffee mugs might work the same.

Private label rights content is like the coffee mug.  You are the one putting the coffee mug in front of the marketplace.  You are using the brainstorming to come up with the right offer for the right audience.  Maybe you don’t use the coffee mug for drinking coffee everyday.  You might have the idea of putting some other small items inside the coffee mug or customizing the mug for some other purpose.  Maybe your idea is to use the cheap coffee mugs for photos.  You might use them to help promote another product.  Maybe your product is coffee or tea and the coffee mug helps to make those sales.  It all depends on your thinking.

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