Do you have a website or blog and you need new fresh content?  Keeping a blog updated with information can be a task.  Doesn’t it make sense to have some extra content for your site.  Are you having a hard time coming up with a topic to cover?  Think about using PLR as a starting point for new ideas.

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PLR can be inexpensive but really useful.  You get the articles and rewrite and rework them into your own voice.  Now you have content that you can use for those times when you need it.

So you already have a website but you don’t know what to put up there.  What are you going to do?  Hire a writer? Try to sit there and come up with a bunch of articles on your own?  Well there is something that you can turn to and it’s called PLR.

PLR stands for Private Label Rights.  PLR is content that you can purchase that you can use on your website.  So instead of you having to come up with a topic and write a whole article by yourself you can purchase some plr articles.  Once you get the articles you will want to add your own flavor to them.

So that means you will have to read through the articles and rewrite them in your own voice.  Change the way some of the sentences flow but still keep the main theme of the article.  You might also want to change the title of the article.  The good thing about plr is that you are not starting from scratch.  Somebody else has gone through the trouble of writing an article.  All you have to do is reword the article and put your own spin on it.

PLR doesn’t have to be really expensive.  You have to find places online that offer plr.  When you purchase it you will normally get a download file with either text files or word document files.  Make the changes to your articles and then load them on your website.  Now you have some fresh content for your site and it didn’t take as much work as sitting down and coming up with a whole article by yourself.

You can buy plr by the article or in article packs.   PLR packs can be focused around a specific topic area.  So if you have a fitness website then you will want to find fitness and health related plr packs.  You might find the description of the article titles along with the word count. There are many ways that you can use PLR in addition to just using on a blog or a website.

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