Youtube Videos – Python Programming and Redis Database


Are you going to jump into the role of computer programmer?  It could be a good idea to go online to find the salary for computer programmer.  Are you going to to search for the computer programmer salaries?  Do companies need computer programmer talent?  Technology is an important sector and companies have to keep up with the latest developments.

The hot programming languages can change from time to time.  Is the python programmer the type of position that is needed?  The supply and demand for tech workers can change over time.  People can learn how to use computer programming and explore online job opportunities.

Are you going to get into freelancing with your brand new programming skills?  Some people add python programming skills to their resume with the hopes of landing a high paying computer programming job in the tech sector.  Others might have dreams of using their python programming talent to create products and services.  Python is a popular coding language that could be the gateway to learning lots of other programming languages and concepts.

Picking up a coding language like python might not be the end of the story.  Another big area is data.  Learning about databases is another area that should not get overlooked.   We are entering the world of the internet of things and lots of data is going to be created moving forward.  Are you going to pick up skills in relational database technology?  Learning about database management systems is a good complement to your adding python.  There are lots of different databases in the marketplace.  When people think about databases, they might just think about sql, but there are other options like nosql databases.  Going to sites like youtube and watching some of the database tutorials could be a good use of time on the web.  Getting familiar with sql and nosql databases expands the potential for solving different problems.

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Learning how to use some of the established database programs like oracle and microsoft sql server is a good start.  It might be a good idea to pick up some of the newer solutions like mysql, mongodb, cassandra, redis database and neo4j.

Adding more skills to your toolbox opens up more options.  Learning about python redis by watching videos on some of the redis use cases might come into play at some point with your application development.  Getting an overview of redis tutorial youtube content might help clear up some of the confusion.

The upside of watching youtube videos is that you can press the play button and consume the information on your own schedule.  Some people might spend their time flipping through the channels on cable tv, but the internet sites like youtube has educational content like python tutorial youtube videos that could potentially open up new doors.

While some people might enjoy watching the python programming videos on youtube, others might like adding python programming books.  Picking up some of the used python books could be a low cost way to bring in more information.


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