Writing Articles – Think About Your Current Shopping List


Write internet articles and talk about the things that are on your own shopping list.  You might have items in your amazon shopping cart or you might just have a mental list of the things that you want to purchase.  You could turn your list into an article.

TV.  Are you thinking about buying a big screen tv?  Maybe you have found a website that shows the deals that are currently happening locally.  You might open up the website and see an outrageous deal that really makes sense.  Your old tv might have stopped working and now, you are ready to make the buying decision.  What is running through your head?  The first thing that might come to mind is the brand.  You might have a bad taste in your mouth from the last tv brand that you purchased.  The price on the old tv was good, but the tv didn’t last very long.  There is something to be said for building a quality product that really lasts.

Making the choice to buy a new 55 inch tv is a big one.  The next step might be thinking about the total cost.  People might see the price offered for the tv, but what about taxes?  What about the cost to get the tv shipped to your home?  The location of the tv is a difference maker.  Picking up the tv yourself might be ideal, but it might also mean added cost.  What if you don’t have a pickup truck to carry the tv?  You might be pushing the limits trying to get a 55 inch tv into your car.  Renting a truck is another cost that might not have been a part of your first buying thoughts.  Finding a pickup truck rental might not be that difficult, but it does add to the total cost for buying a tv.

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Imagine how easy it is to write an article just by thinking about your current shopping list.  You might not be thinking about buying a tv just yet, but who knows, someone else might be thinking about it.  Your internet article might be the tipping point.  Think about what is related to the tv.  Some people love playing video games on their big screen tvs.  Video game consoles are a popular item.  Don’t forget about all the streaming services and the cable tv and satelite providers.  There are lots of choices that can come along when you start talking about tvs.  What are you going to sit on?  Are you going to start thinking about upgrading your seating?  You might want to look at some of the la-z-boy chairs to really get the full experience while you are kicking back to watch the newly released movies.

Don’t forget about another angle to the shopping potential.  How are you going to buy?  Some people still like shopping with cash, but others might be thinking about buying with their cash back rewards credit cards.   There are so many different ways to pay these days.  Are you going to go for the points on a premium card like the american express platinum card?  Are you going to go for a credit card that offers cash back?  What about some of the newer options like the debit cards that offer crypto rewards?  You might start to come up with lots of new angles.

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