What are you going to do when the power goes out? You might not have a plan in place for when the power goes out. It can be jarring when you are on the computer and before you know it, you are sitting in darkness.

Your mind might quickly start racing. Where did you put your flashlights and where are your candles? You might not have planned for the outages and it could all come rushing down when you are faced with your power not being on.

Just trying to move around your space could be difficult. Navigating in the dark could be troublesome. Making sure to move slow and tap into your memory might be the first things that come to mind. Getting your mind focused on accomplishing your goals might be a little bit easier when you hear the silence.

Keeping flashlights and batteries in close proximity might be the smart thing to do. You don’t want to fumble around in the dark for too long. Is it already cold outside? Did you have anything to eat? The questions could start to flood in.  Think ahead about your charging options.  Do you have power banks?

The weather might have been the cause of the power outage and getting information might be high on your list. Is your smartphone charged up and do you have access to the internet? The idea of getting a mobile hotspot might seem like the right move when the power goes dry. Do you have any high speed internet data left on your account? Do you know how to use your smartphone as a mobile internet hotspot? The questions might not have been on your page before, but now, they could be front and center.

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No tv and no home internet wifi could really feel like a trip back to the past. Some of the information products online talking about survival might not seem to crazy anymore. What are you going to do to stay warm? Do you have extra blankets that you can quickly find and put to use? Do you have any firewood and a way to start it?

When you experience a power outage, it might be a good idea to quickly jot down some of the things that you are thinking at the time. The next time you are greeted with a outage of power, you might be better equipped to make it through. Some of the power companies might get you back online quickly, but what happens if you are without power for an extended period of time? It might be time to come up with a plan. Do you have solar powered devices?

The next time you are online, you might not skip past the generators that you find. Checking the price for generators on amazon might seem more appropriate. Your mind might start thinking about alternatives. The battery powered devices and adapters might start to creep up on your shopping list. You might remember some of the electric car and electric truck ads that talk about charging. Just for fun, it might be a good idea to see what pops up on amazon when you type in battery powered.


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