One of the types of videos that are enjoyable to watch are the historical videos.  You might be interested in looking at information from the past.  One of the topics in particular is the what if you invested in bitcoin back in ( year ).

Watching the investing in bitcoin videos and other crypto coin videos might make a person think back to those times.  Pulling up the charts and checking the prices on sites like or might bring up your past experiences.  Some people were thinking about those crypto coins, while others were thinking about something else.

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Just think about the simple transactions that could have taken place at the time.  It just goes to show that people make different financial decisions all the time.  Think about the amount of money spent on having fun and food.  What if you put that money into bitcoin way back when?  What if you had jumped into some of the other crypto coins that went up in value?  Some people might take the time to consider or ponder, but it does not make much difference.  People make choices all the time.   It is really hard to tell how things are going to go.

There are so many choices happening all the time.  Just because some people didn’t jump on the crypto train might not have been a bad thing.  People might have made progress in other ways.  They might have jumped into real estate at the right time or they landed a position in the right field.

It just goes to show that opportunities could be available at any time.  Are you thinking about opportunities today?  Are you working towards your goals now?  Watching the historical videos on youtube might help bring some clarity about getting more focused.  The current time is important.

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