It is easy to just think that things are going smoothly without a care in the world. The social media apps might bring up topics that you don’t consider all the time. You could be minding your own business, but you could get a curve ball thrown in your direction.

Are you thinking about survival planning? Are you coming up with a plan for if your car battery goes down? What about coming back to your car to find that your car tire pressure is low? There could be scenarios that you don’t consider all the time that could pop up.

The social media video content might touch on some of the topics from time to time and it could get you to think about it. You might be watching the news and hear the stories of weather issues or other unforeseen events. Some people take the time to plan ahead for the stuff out of the ordinary.

Coming up with even a simple plan might be worth the effort. Just making sure that you have batteries and other basics might be a step in the right direction. The regular day to day activities might already be tough and taking the time to think ahead about stuff that might not happen could be too far for some people.

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It might feel like it is all fun and games until the situations arise. Some people make sure to have some food and other items that are ready to go. All it takes is the experience of a power outage to make the shift. Some people might forget about the experience once the lights come back on, but others might let the feeling sink in. Trying to move around when you don’t have lights could be a touchy situation.

Is it going to be too hard to drop some kirkland batteries into your costco shopping cart? On the next grocery run, it might be a good idea to think about putting some extra canned foods on the shelf.

Watching the survival youtube videos and tiktok survival videos might help with taking the small steps. Even the small steps can count. Are you going to start looking at solar power and generators?

Consider the survival niche.

survival niche



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