Watching movies online is a way to spend time online.  There are so many streaming apps.  You might have access to some of the internet streaming apps that have movies available like peacock.  The high speed internet connections can make watching videos online enjoyable.

Some people might still like the idea of going to the movie theaters to watch movies, but it is convenient to just pull up your tablet and press a button to start watching a movie.  It does seem kind of strange to be able to stream a movie that is also available in the theaters.

When you consider how you watched entertainment in the past, it might just show how far things have advanced.  The technology jump has really jumped to the next level.  The movie theaters still have the big sound systems and the super large screens, but the ease of just pressing a button is hard to overcome.

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Are you going to start streaming movies online or are you going to still go to the theater to catch the latest releases?  There could be a big trade off.  Are you going to think about putting gas in your car and driving for a long distance to find a movie theater?  You might already have a large screen tv and a premium surround sound system.  The movie experience is still top notch, but weighing the costs versus the benefits might be the difference maker.

The other big consideration is the cost for the movie ticket.  What do you think about the current costs for going to the movies?  The tickets and the food and snacks at the theater can be pricey.  Is the home theater option more cost effective?

When it comes to entertainment, there are more options than in the past.  If you wanted to watch a movie in the past, you might have gone to the local movie theater or watched old movies on tv.  Now, there are so many options.

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