Viewing the social media pages could touch on the products and services through affiliate marketing.   Seeing the social media posts promoting the products could spark the interest for buying.

Are you going to buy the products the first time that you see them?  Probably not, but you might start to think more about the products after viewing them for a few times.  The interest in finding out the price could be the first step.  Just going to the sales page and seeing the cost might start the process.

Viewing the product over and over again might finally tip the scales.  You might not have wanted to pick up a tire inflator, but after a while, you might consider it.  You could be driving down the road and notice the low tire pressure on your car dashboard and then think back to the social media ads.

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The internet has lots of products and services and it could be the beginning of finding more information.  Are you just going to buy the product from the social media apps?  It could be easy to just tap on the screen and start the buying process. Some people might want to search for more information and do the price comparison.  They might search for a better deal on other ecommerce sites like amazon or walmart.

Even if the product is not really needed right now, the idea might stick.  Checking the price for the tire inflators on amazon could be a smart option.  After seeing the product sales numbers, it might be the extra push to make the buying decision.  The idea of getting them as gifts for others might even kick in.

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