One of the uses of plr is education. You might want to grab plr to learn about topics. The introductory information could be the starting point for adding more skills and knowledge.

There are sometimes when you just want to get started quickly and the cheatsheet and tips could be the good way to go. There are lots of vendors that create the content that fits the plr niche.

Learning with plr could be a part of your plan to pick up information quickly. Ordering the plr products and reading the info could help with your quick ideas.

Getting the basic concepts before doing the deep dive might be your way to get a quick view of the landscape. Introductory information could be a big part of building your confidence in learning a new topic.

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Establishing the concepts is a big deal. Just think about the training wheels when riding a bike. Some people might just jump on the bike, but it helps to have the training wheels to get the feel for learning something new. The training wheels create the balance and stability to get the first feelings of riding the bike. After getting up to speed, the training wheels can come off and the next stage of learning takes place.

Are you going to use the plr like training wheels to get your momentum going? Some topics might be very complex and difficult to grasp. The intro information might provide the easy overview that helps with getting the ideas.

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