When you think about the internet, one of the ways to find addresses is to search for domain names. The internet domain names have been around for a long time. You might only think about the dot com domains, but there are lots of different domain extensions.

One of the hot and new trends are the unstoppable domains. You might be keeping up with all the new talk about the blockchain and crypto. People are finally getting around to learning about these new technologies.

Internet domain names are not new. People understand how to buy domains and they know about the renewal fees. One of the downsides of internet domains is the renewal fees. You never know what the fees will be from year to year. Some people will purchase multiple years into the future. Others might forget to renew their domains and lose them to other domain name investors. With unstoppable domains, this is not really an issue. Buying the domain is a one time thing.

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Are you going to become a domain name investor? You might get to the party early and register some good domains. In the beginning days of the internet, some buyers picked up some valuable domains. Flipping domains is a common thing these days.

It is not out of the question to see domain names expire only to be placed back on the market as premium domains. Imagine buying domains for under 100 dollars, but then seeing them relisted for thousands just a short time later. Who makes the decision that a domain name is premium? Who knows?

There is a big question. Are you going to keep on buying the dot com domains or are you going to start buying the crypto domains moving forward?

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