Try To Keep Up With The Change


Just think about all the times that you spend money during the day. You might pull into the gas station or you might do your regular shopping at your favorite stores. Are you still buying with cash or are you spending money with your debit card or credit card? Some people might still only use the cash.

People are buying and shopping all the time and they might not really pay close attention to how they are paying. Others might think about how they buy stuff. It is not shocking to see some people with youtube channels talking about how to get the most from cash back cards and rewards points cards.
Even if the percentage cash back or rewards points back is not high, it might be better than getting nothing back.

Regular people are going to drive around town and they are going to need to get more gas. Some of them might have hybrid cars, but many are still going to be driving the regular gasoline cars that require putting in the gas at the local gas station. Are they going to check the gas prices? How are they going to pay? Some people might have choices to make when it is time to pay. They might have the american express platinum card or they might have the navy federal credit card. Some might even go for using the coinbase debit card to get crypto rewards.

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When it comes to getting rewards in crypto, a lot of people might not want to even hear about it. They might be busy at the time and have other ideas on their mind. You know the feeling when you are walking into the store and there is someone trying to get you to sign a petition. People might not pay close attention to what is being said, they are just going through the motions.

There could be lots of people like that right now. They might not slow down to consider getting the coinbase wallet, they just keep on doing their same normal routines. They might log into their bank account apps on their smartphones or dell optiplex 7010 computers. They have the normal routine firmly in place and it is hard to shake it. Who knows when they will finally get around to getting coinbase app installed. They might end up talking to someone and they hear about how they have started using crypto and started following the different coins on sites like

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