Tough Trying To Keep Up With The Tech Advancements


The stuff changes so quick online and people are trying to keep up. People might not know about web3 and they are probably still behind when they hear the words web2.0. Keeping up with the tech changes might be like a full time job.

Do you know what defi stands for? People might still try to get a handle on their regular bank accounts. Are you just getting up to speed with your checking and savings accounts? Now, there are new options coming into the picture.

The tech advancements keep coming up and it can be kind of hard to stay up to speed. What come to mind when you hear the word metaverse? Virtual reality and the glasses seem like something from the future.

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Clear some time from the schedule to learn what you can about crypto. Digital seems to be picking up steam and some people are still thinking about the old stuff like checking accounts and cds. Bitcoin, eth and others are becoming more well known.

It might be time to start watching the youtube videos on topics like dao. Even after watching the dao youtube video tutorials it might still not be very clear. You could be on social media and you see all the talk about nfts. Are you going to buy a nft? It might seem too confusing.


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