Thinking About The Social Media and The Money


The smartphone is the essential device in todays world. Turning on your smartphone and noticing that the battery is completely drained is a tough spot. Finding the smartphone charger and plugging it in before the battery goes down to zero is crucial.

There are so many places that you want to visit online. Your first stop might be your favorite Social media accounts. Getting the latest news from social media might be faster than seeing the information on your tv. How many times have you noticed stories or posts on social media only to see them later pop up on the cable news?

When is the last time that you visited social media instagram? It might have been your favorite a few years ago, but now, you don’t visit as much. You might like going to social media tiktok more often now. The tiktok app is easy to navigate and it didn’t take long to get up to speed.

The social media youtube is probably another spot that you visit daily. Searching for videos or just seeing what is in the feed keeps you plugged in.

Are you still going to social media twitter / social media x? After the switch, it just does not feel the same. They make you log in and the experience….just different.

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The idea of saving money might start to pop into your head. The social media pages might talk about different subjects like making money and finding a good side hustle. Are you going to look deeper into the american express high yield savings account? Are you going to start exploring some of the different ways of making money?

The ads for are showing up in the sidebar when you are searching online for information. The interest rates for the regular savings accounts is different than the high yield savings accounts. Are you going to make the shift?

There are lots of companies that have the regular savings accounts. The low rates might not be attractive. The capital one high yield savings account versus looking into the investments. The big word could be risk. Do you have the risk tolerance for going into the market?

Changing the habits could be a tough part of change. It might be hard watch the spending. The navy federal credit union credit card might be another option versus paying with cash. Some people like the idea of getting rewards or paying with a credit card.

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