Think About Different Keywords


Find the keywords and check the volumes of the monthly searches. What is the deal with the building self-esteem and confidence keywords. Start coming up with brainstorming ideas.

When you think about self esteem and confidence, you might be able to relate it to regular times during the week. What about the people that play football. Each player has a job to do and it could all come down to seconds at the end of the game. The field goal kicker might have lots of thoughts running through their minds when the game comes down to their actions. Confidence and self-esteem could play a big role in the outcome.

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What does the kicker think when they miss a big kick? What do they think when they kick the winning field goal? How does a person build up their self esteem? How can a person build up confidence?
Bouncing back from defeats and failures might require a lot of hard work.


Are you going to build up your mind to power through obstacles no matter what? The word rejection might quickly bring up memories from the past. Did rejection ever throw you off course? Did you find a way to get past rejection? More keywords could start to build up. Rejection, self esteem, confidence, failure and success seem to be tied together in different ways.

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