It is really easy to turn on the tiktok app and start viewing the videos and before long, hours have passed. The user generated content might grab your attention and it can be hard to let go.

What is going to be the next video in your feed? You might find videos that are really engaging. Some of the tiktoks might be informative and others could be entertaining. You might see information online that you don’t get on the regular tv.

Information flows fast on social media and it can be something to watch stuff online and then later on see it on your favorite news channel. There is a wide variety of content when you are watching videos online. The user generated content could really connect with audiences. Some people are selling products and services and others are just posting their views and other stuff.

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On tiktok, you might learn about new things. The tiktok livestreams could become a way to interact. Are you clicking on the livestreams and playing some of the games? Trying to find the different letter or symbol in a sea of letters or numbers can be really fun. Trying to solve math quizzes could help with your skills.

Lots of people might have dreams of starting their own business and seeing the people talking about business on tiktok might be the big push to get started. Are they going to finally make the jump into the world of small business? Learning how to get a business set up and finding business funding might not have been the focus otherwise. Watching the tiktok creators talk about stan stores might be the tipping point for choosing a platform.

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