Student loans are a trending topic.  Lots of student take out loans to pay for college.  Getting a college degree was heavily promoted as a way to get ahead.  The idea of continuing education after high school is different from just entering the work force.

There are many different reasons to attend college.  Some people go to college to figure out what they want to do.  Others might have a definite plan on what they want to pursue and a college degree is required for entry.  The main focus of getting into college and getting the degree might have more spotlight than the financial aspects.

The general idea of going into the debt to get the college degree is the concept of getting a good paying job or career and paying back the loans over time.  Learning about college financial aid and how student loans work might need to be a bigger part of the conversation.

Attending college could expand the opportunities for those that go.  College is an opportunity to build networks.  The college alumni could be a network that helps in different ways.  Some look at the college degree as a ticket to more opportunities in the business world.

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The competition has increased over the years and the college degree might not be as differentiating as in the past.  The higher costs of attending college has also made more students consider the cost benefit analysis.  Is it worth it to take out large student loans to pay for a college degree with a tough job market?

The internet has added another layer to the cake.  Information can be acquired online for fraction of the costs of attending college and students are not limited by college admissions.  The marketplace is always dynamic and now, some students are questioning the idea of spending four or more years off at college versus taking other routes to adding knowledge and earning income.

Are the potential college students going to pull up the student loan calculators online and take a hard look at the potential future?  Some students might search online for the jobs that require a college degree.  Technology is advancing and there is no sure thing when it comes to making decisions.  The job markets can shift and people that are highly educated could still end up losing their jobs.  The decisions are getting harder to make.

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