How are you going to use the old computers? Are you going to use the old computer systems to play games or watch videos? The older computer systems might still have some value.

The computer technology moves fast and the need to keep up with the latest standards means upgrading. Throwing out the old computer systems might be tough for some people to do. Keeping the old systems as a backup might be in the back of your mind.

Lots of people turn to the online sites to sell the old tech. You might find yourself on sites like ebay and others. Selling the old computers on ebay could be a way to bring money back into your accounts. Instead of the old laptops and desktops collecting dust, the money could be put to work in other areas.

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The older pcs could be taking up space. Is it time to get rid of them and move up to the latest tech? Could you get creative and come up with another use? Are you going to try your hand at upgrading some of the components or trying a new operating system? Lots of people might be windows users and an older pc might be the opportunity to get into linux. You might be able to pick up linux books and software and start your learning track. Installing linux on old laptops or desktops could be the start of a new skill set.

Ditching the old pcs might be a big road to cross. Things break from time to time and having extra parts around might do the trick. The computer monitor might fail or the computer hard drive could crash. Do you have a backup plan to keep going? The old pc might come in handy during a crunch.

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