The holiday season is filled with lots of opportunities to spend.  Are you paying close attention to the spending that takes place close to the end of the year?  You might spend lots of money on food, travel and gifts.

What is on your shopping list?  You might have dreams of picking up the latest car like the mercedes benz s580.  You might think about upgrading your tv.  Adding a smart tv during the black friday and cyber monday sales might be an upgrade.

Shopping for food is a constant, but during the holidays, there might be more items added to the shopping cart.  The special holiday meals might require special items that you don’t normally pick up.  Are you going to drive from store to store to locate the items?  Some shoppers might get in on the new way to buy by shopping online and getting the items delivered.  Have you tried online shopping and delivery yet?

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The holiday shopping season is at the end of the year and more in always in store.  What about the new year?  The plans might begin to form at the end of the calendar year.  Are you thinking about losing weight and getting into better shape?  Are you thinking about where you are going to work?  Some people might get laid off at the end of the year and others might be launching their own new businesses.  There are lots of possibilities that come into play when the end of the year rolls around.

The holiday season might feel different from other parts of the year.  Getting together with family and friends and catching up is something that people might look forward to doing.  Sitting around the house and watching the sports games like football or basketball and enjoying the festivities might bring up lots of good memories.


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