Keep the focus on the exercise niche.  People are going to want to get into better shape.  It does not matter the year, people want to get a good looking body.

Just think about the different ways that people might want to stay in shape.  Some people might want to sign up for the local gym membership.  Others might want to set up their own workout gym at home.  Watching workout videos or going somewhere local to get their training in could a part of the plan.

Lots of people might start out with the idea of building more muscle and losing weight, but keeping up with the training program might be hard.  Starting and stopping could be the real outcome.  Building the habit of exercising and sticking with it might be hard for some people to do.

Every year, there are going to be lots of people that think about exercising more often.  They might buy lots of equipment and tools.  Are they going to start searching for new eating programs?  Are they going to search for the latest trends in how to drop belly fat?

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There are plenty of options for getting more exercise.  Some people might enjoy picking up sports like basketball or running.  Others might go with the low impact types of exercises like walking.

The ideas of losing the belly fat might start to creep up after looking in the mirror.  Making the choice to get into better shape can be a big decision.  Are they going to stick with it?  It might be hard to keep up with the meal plans when the images of food start to pop into the mind.

The cost of getting into better shape could vary.  Some people might consider buying expensive exercise equipment like treadmills and weight machines.  Others might go for the lower cost options.

The exercise niche and fitness are evergreen.  People will think about the topic from time to time.  They might look up and notice that they have added some pounds on over the years.  They might come up with the challenge to get back into shape.


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