Do the dirty clothes. The clothes are getting tossed into the laundry basket or they are piling up in the corner. Where are you going to get the detergent? Are you going to the big box store to get the laundry soap in bulk? Paying a lower price for getting a massive amount of quantity is the great thing about the big stores.

Are you getting the pods or are you getting the powder? It is so easy to toss the tide pods into the washing machine. You don’t have to worry about spilling it or dropping it all over the floor. The pods are the cool way to get the job done.

What is the best laundry soap? Are you into the gain or are you using another brand? Don’t forget to get the fabric softener and use the dryer sheets. They make all the difference. Folding the clothes and making sure to remove the gain dryer sheets is essential.

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Washing the clothes, make sure to check the pockets before turning on the washing machine. If something is in the pockets, you don’t want it to ruin the wash. Paper inside of a pocket can turn into a real mess.

Are you going to really try to save money when it comes to the laundry bill? Are you checking the mail for the coupons? Some people don’t even look. They might see the junk mail in the mailbox and immediately throw it all into the garbage can. Is it really throwing money away? You might remember years back when people were really getting into the coupon craze. People would get into extreme couponing to save money. Washing clothes is something that happens all the time and you might think twice about skipping those coupons. Going to check for the detergent and finding that it is all gone could be the crude reminder.

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