The open source data could be the raw fuel for your learning.  Are you going to start finding the datasources online where you can download the csv files and begin to learn more about databases and data?

Building sql queries could open up new avenues for testing your new learning.  There is a lot of data floating around and you might want to use your new programming talents to put them to work.  Are you going to learn something new along the way?

There is a lot of talk about automation and software.  You might be on youtube and find lots of videos talking about making money with bots.  Are you going to join in the ranks of people leveraging the power of automation?   Some people are brushing up on their programming skills in tools like python and using them to be more effective at their jobs.

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Watching the videos on youtube might bring up new ideas for how to use the open source data.  There is a ton of data that is getting generated and you might like to join the big data revolution.   When you step back and think about it, you might start to realize how much data is out there.  Just think about some of the large us cities like new york city.  There are millions of people that are there and they can generate a lot of data.  Are you going to start analyzing data?

Finding the open source datasets is pretty easy.  You can go to the google website and do a search.  You could go to youtube and search also.  Government data is a huge arena.  You can think about every city, county and state.

What are you going to do with the information and data?  You might start learning how to do graphs.  Could you start creating infographics with the information? Are you going to start building niche websites and blogs?  It could be a great time to start searching for new keywords.

The open source data might be the on ramp for picking up new skills.

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