You can talk about the things that are in the current news and build up more articles for your blogs and websites. Are you keeping up with the stories happening currently?

Are you keeping track of the prices for crypto? Some people might not think about it at all. They don’t have crypto wallets and they are not checking the prices of crypto coins like bitcoin and eth daily. Everybody is not plugged into the world of crypto.

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People might still be stuck in their old ways. They might still only think about watching videos on the dvd player. Wait. It might really hit them then that things have changed. People are not talking about picking up dvds at blockbuster video. People are instantly streaming movies on netflix. This is the type of change that is happening right now. Folks are not paying attention to this crypto talk.

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When the staples center turns into arena it might really start to sink in. When they start noticing the bitcoin atms at the gas stations, it might become more clear. More people are going to want to know how this blockchain thing works. They are going to want to know the difference between cardano, ethereum and bitcoin. What are smart contracts anyway?

Don’t blame people for doing what they have always done. The trends start to change and after a while, others will finally get on board. Wow. When people see how much those people that started on the road to crypto gained, they might wish that they knew about this stuff earlier.

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