Watching older youtube videos can bring up topics from the past.  It just goes to show how much things have changed over the years.  Technology has advanced quickly and some of the ways that things were done are now in the rear-view window.

Just the other day, the keyword teleseminars came up.  Doing a quick youtube video search on teleseminars showed plenty of results in the youtube search results.  Lots of teleseminar videos were from years back.

People might not use the keyword teleseminar, but they do use another one that is related, webinars.  Is it worth the time to look at videos talking about teleseminars in the current climate?  Could there be valuable information shared in teleseminars from the past that could be applied today?

Using a keyword search tool like h-supertools keyword tool turned up some interesting results.  After entering the login information on and completing the captcha to make sure that you are a human, entering in the search term teleseminar brought up the results.

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The results of search were not really surprising.  People are not searching that much for the keyword teleseminar.  Typing in the seo keyword webinar on the other hand brought back a lot of results.  The keyword volume for webinar was much higher than teleseminar.

It just goes to show how quickly things can change.  Just think about trying to use a smartphone from 7 years ago now.  There was a time that teleseminars were the cutting edge.  Now, people have much more powerful tools in their hands in the form of smartphones.  Not very long ago, cell phones were just used for making phone calls.  Now, they can handle lots of different tasks ( like watching videos on youtube ) with powerful hardware and apps.

Watching old teleseminar videos on youtube might not be a big waste of time.  It might be like picking up a book.  Some of the ideas might still translate over to the current times.  Some topics are evergreen and no matter what time, they can have some value.


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