The plr articles and ebooks could be like the gas that you put into your car.  Looking at the plr ebook titles could start to spark the ideas for lots of new content.  Where can you find the plr articles and ebooks online?  A simple online search can bring up the content that you are searching for on the web.

One of the locations to find the plr is  You can view lots of topics on the site and download them to your computer.   Pulling up the different topics might launch your ideas and brainstorming.

Some of the topics are going to be evergreen.  What are you going to do around topics like finance and real estate?  These are topics that always keep the interest of the people.  The main topics might be the launching pad for lots of new niche keyword ideas.

It does not take long to go from a general topic to something more specific.  The keyword real estate could bring up lots of images in your mind.  Some people might only think about the single family homes that are currently for sale.  Others might think about driving around town and seeing the open house signs on the weekend.  When you think about real estate, lots of images could come into your thinking.  Are you thinking about the feeling of pulling up to a new home and unloading your rental truck?

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Downloading plr on real estate might be just one of the topics that catches your attention.  The power of plr is the option of using combinations.  Some people might just stop with one plr product, but could there be others that are related?  What about financial plr?  You might see something that could mix well with real estate.  Real estate home loans could be the niche.  When people think about buying a home, they might think about getting a home loan.  The combinations could really start to stack up.

You never know when the ideas are really going to connect.  What else could be tied to searching for real estate?  What happens after you buy a house?  How many other purchases might take place?  Are new home buyers going to buy cars?  Are new home buyers going to buy new appliances?  Brainstorming the different relationships could turn into a new treasure trove of keyword ideas and concepts.

There is a lot of plr available.  You might even buy plr that expands your thinking.  Are you going to think big when it comes to plr?

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