Are you keeping up with the different talking points?  Lots of people might be thinking about what is going on in the economy and some of the ideas might be starting to shift.  People might not have thought much about prepping and survival in the past, but with the prices and the economic news, it could be creeping in.

It could be a great time to search for affiliate offers related to different niches.  Have you ever thought about making extra plans just in case things go off the road?  Planning ahead is always a good thing.  Searching the affiliate marketing networks for products that are in the survival niche might bring up some new ideas.

Clickbank is a popular affiliate marketing network with lots of offers.  It could be the first step in coming up with niches.  When the word survival comes up, what comes to mind?  Food, shelter, energy and safety could all be issues.  Putting a plan into place is a good strategy.

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Amazon has lots of products and services.  Are you going to search for products around the niche there?  Finding supplies on amazon could be another idea.  Are you going to start jotting down notes on the types of products that you find?

Brainstorming different ideas could mean pulling up plr articles and ebooks that deal with the niche.  Getting prepared might mean not waiting until the last minute.  What are some things that can be done now?  Getting into better shape and eating better could be topics that are loosely related.  Simple steps like knowing where things are can have a big impact.  Making sure that you have fresh batteries ready to go and keeping food on hand that might not need to be cooked.

View the offers on clickbank that you find after searching the survival niche.

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