View the clickbank niches in the marketplace. Are you going to look for the prepping and survival niche information. Flashlights and other gadgets might be a fit that comes to mind.

Think about all the items that might be purchased in the survival and prepping niche. You can find plenty of plr in the arena of survival. Going to sites like amazon might bring up even more ideas.

Consider the topics that are related. Camping is another one. People love the outdoors and this could be another road to explore. Think big. What about vehicles? Are some cars and trucks going to be more useful for the survival niche. Trucks and cars and other supplies might be an important topic in the niche.

Real estate could be another lane. While some people like buying properties in the city, others might want to have land in rural areas. Power and energy could be big. Think about batteries and chargers and solar powered devices. There could be a lot of content available.

Typing in survival on the clickbank marketplace search bar can bring up lots of results. Are you just going to focus on the clickbank gravity score? It might be a good idea to check the vendor affiliate pages to check for banner ads and other information.

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Survival and prepping might not be a major thought for some, but coming up with an emergency plan is always a good idea. Buying canned foods and preparing for unexpected situations is just thinking ahead. Buying some food that will last longer on the shelf might come in handy in certain situations.

There are lots of products that pop up on the amazon website when you type in prepping into the amazon search bar. It could be worth the time investment to flip through some of the pages on the amazon store to see what is currently being offered. Can you think of related items that could fit the needs of the niche? It could be a good idea to write down some of the keywords that get auto-generated when you start typing in prepping or survival into the amazon search bar.

The amazon search box even has categories of products that can be filtered by price. Are you going to look at the products that come back after typing in survival gear? The survival kits and food supply kits are higher price points than some of the other products in the niche.

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