Student Loans – Repayments – Foregiveness?


Keep up with the trending news topics.  Are you still thinking about student loan forgiveness?  The topic of student loans has been hot for a long time.  Students facing the realities of paying back the student loans is a big issue.  Going to college and taking out loans to pay for the tuition is something that was talked about and now, students are viewing the realities of repayment.

Getting a college degree was the goal for many.  Lots of students hoped that furthering their education would put them in a better position for getting more job opportunities.  The costs for going to college can be expensive.  Figuring out a way to pay back the student loans might seem like an insurmountable task.

Are the students going to take jobs that can pay enough money.  Repaying the student loans is a priority.  Missing student loan payments could turn into bad credit.  Keeping up with the student loan payments and paying off the student loan debt means coming up with a plan.

Sitting down and starting to run the numbers can be sobering.  Are you going to pull up the online calculators to start figuring out the payment schedules for your student loans.  The loan amortization, interest rates and monthly payments need to become familiar topics.

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It might be time to invest in a calculator.  Are you going to grab the calculated industries calculator?  Learning how to make better financial decisions might need to become a part of the picture.  The topic of debt might not be covered enough.  Figuring out more about debt busters could require sitting down and doing more research.  Getting into debt might be easy, but getting out of debt might require some tough financial decisions.

Are you going to search for more employment opportunities?  Some people might turn to the gig economy to locate options for bringing in more money.  Becoming a delivery app driver or starting a side hustle and putting the money towards your student loans might be a simple plan.  Are you going to look for a sales job that has the potential for unlimited income or are you going to locate a job that is solid with benefits and the potential for upward mobility?  Starting a small business or turning to freelancing might also be something that sounds attractive.  Searching sites like upwork and fiverr for freelance opportunities and searching job sites like could get the ball rolling.  Some might look to some of the emerging industries online and leverage the power of the social media networks.  Could new connections form on social media sites like twitter, discord or youtube?

The student loan forgiveness topic is hot online and people are waiting to see the outcome.


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