Spending lots of money on credit cards can have an impact.  Are you going to keep running up your credit card balances?  It could be a good idea to start monitoring your spending on your credit cards and pay closer attention to your credit card utilization.

There could be lots of recurring charges that you put on your cards.  Just remember your credit card statement payment date and your credit card statement closing date.  You don’t want to miss your credit card payment date and risk late payments.  You want to keep a close eye on your charges and always make sure to pay your minimum payment before the due date.

Are you going to pay down your balances?  The minimum payment might not be that high, but you might want to consider coming up with a plan to pay off your citi credit cards.  Are you keeping up with the interest rates?  It is important to know how much money you are spending on interest.

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Money is an evergreen topic and learning how to use bank of america credit cards is a big part of it.  Keeping track of your spending could mean keeping your wells fargo credit card and banking apps up to date.  Checking your american express credit card balances daily and knowing when your charges are going through is important.

What is the plan to pay off the nfcu credit cards?  Are you going to get a second job?  Are you going to start a business?  What about working in the gig economy?  Coming up with a budget and starting to add more to your monthly minimum payment to start bringing down your current balance is a strategy.

Putting charges on your capital one credit card might make sense in some cases.  Getting cash back rewards for purchases and then paying down the balance might be a good move.  Are you going to look for the best credit card deals and consider transferring your balance to a lower rate navy federal credit card?  There are lots of strategies that some people put into motion.  It might require building up discipline to stay within your spending budget.

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