[ Social Media Videos ] Keep It Simple and Do The Daily Exercise Routine


Spending lots of time on social media apps like tiktok might be a regular part of your day. Turning on the smartphone early in the morning and checking for the latest videos on your for you page might be a regular habit.

Playing the videos on your social media account could be a part of your exercise plan. Some people might like to listen to music, but turning on your social media videos and walking might help the time go by.

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Setting the timer on your phone and starting to watch the video content takes your attention away from the exercise. You are zeroed in on the content and before you know it, your alarm is going off and the step count is showing up on your iphone.

Walking on a treadmill or just walking around the house adds to your exercise routine and you end up feeling better. Kicking off your day by getting your exercise routine started early sets the mood.

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