The software upgrades are happening quickly. You might see the changes. The experiences might seem the same, but you start to notice the subtle changes.

Shopping inside of the stores has shifted. You would walk into the store to shop and get your items. Now, a shopper might walk into the store and notice the monitors as they walk inside. It seems like everything is on camera.

The old days of shopping might have lots of cash registers with real people behind the counter. Now, the number of regular cashiers has been reduced. It didn’t happen all at once. The first self-checkout registers might have been introduced without too much fanfare. It could have been one row at the beginning. Over time, more of the self-checkout lanes opened. The number of people at the cash register lanes seemed to dwindle.

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Getting the items off the shelves has also changed. In the past, there was no thought about picking up the items that you needed and putting them into your cart. At some of the stores now, a shopper might have to ring a buzzer to get a customer service rep or associate to open up the items that are locked away. The way that people shop has changed a lot recently.

The self checkout machine transactions seem to be getting a little more rigid. The video cameras are everywhere and the machines quickly pause the transactions and get an attendant to come and verify it. The shopping experience has changed and it makes you wonder if people will start to consider other ways of buying. Is it becoming too prickly to shop in the stores? Are shoppers going to consider switching to online ordering?

Instead of dealing with the new formats, some shoppers might change where they buy and how often they go into the stores. There are lots of shopping apps and some shoppers might consider giving them a try. Instead of spending time filling the shopping orders, some buyers might think about exploring some of the newer options.

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