The big difference these days is the vast amount of products and services for sale.  There is so many options available.  In the past, you might be limited by your location, but now with online shopping, you can search the web for products and services that might be far distances away.

People in the past might have rushed to get to the stores before they closed, but now, the shopping can happen at any time during the day or night.  People can turn on their smartphones and start viewing the products and services that they want.  Hitting the buy button and waiting for the products and services to show up is the new way.

Learning about products and services is different too.  The social media content creators might post lots of review content that grabs the interest of the audience.  After seeing some of the ugc content on the social media platforms, the idea of viewing more information might be the result.  Are you going to take the next step and add the product to your shopping cart and checkout?

Gator Website Builder

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mechanical keyboard on temu 


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