The basic idea of getting a good paying job is probably at the front of the mind. People might be hunting for the high paying employee jobs that are currently available, but it can be tough landing a good job.

The tech sector is the hot spot for people around the world. The computer science degree is probably something that is highly sought after. Engineering and other stem careers could be at the top of the list when it comes to desired fields of study.

People want to study subjects that are going to turn into upscale career opportunities after graduation. The advanced training might be the main path that people talk about. Going to college can be a costly investment and people want to become successful.

Lots of people might attain the college degrees, but finding the work in the field could be difficult. Computing is a big need for lots of companies. When people think about gaining the stem college degrees, they might already have the companies in mind where they want to work. Are they going to go for the large tech global companies or are they going to venture off on their own?

The high cost of going to college might curb the ideas of the graduating students. The large student loans can turn into a big financial burden. Learning how to pay off the student loans as fast as possible might be the main focal point. Servicing the student loan debt becomes the priority. The students don’t want to have the experience of falling behind on student loan payments and the potential resulting negative credit impact.

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Credit is an important part of the marketplace and student loans on a credit report might be a cause of concern when trying to apply for a home loan, apartment or auto loan. The big student loans might be the driving factor for picking a job. The luxury of waiting for a different offer might not be on the table when the student loan bills are starting to show up in the mailbox.

It might be a tough time for the recent graduates when they pull up the videos on youtube and tiktok that show software engineers and other technical professionals that are experiencing the layoffs. Entering the job market without much experience might be an uneasy experience.

Is the idea of taking another route on the table? Some of the new college graduates might have the idea of starting their own business. Jumping into the world of freelancing or launching a startup could require a different mindset. Going down the road entrepreneurship might seem like a more risky route, but the social media videos showing people going on endless interviews and not getting the jobs might be the extra nudge for moving in another direction.

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