Remember The Old Days of The Internet


The internet is the cool place online to get the latest information. When people think about the internet in the past, they might remember the dial up internet.

The early days of the web had people going to the mailbox and finding the america online disc. Using the aol disc to connect to the internet was a big experience. The computer modem made a special noise and there were plenty of wires. Now, the internet has sped up and the need for wires seems like something in the rear view mirror.

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The early adopters of the internet age might have learned how to code html and they might have even picked up domain names in the internet gold rush. Some people really lucked out and landed some big domain names.

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Do you remember the people that registered the domains and then cashed out? The electronic commerce was just getting started. Downloading the pictures on web pages might make your screen load at a snails pace. Now, the high speed internet makes the pages show up almost instantly.

Ecommerce and digital marketing was just starting to kick off. Paying for stuff online with credit cards was not even a thing. The internet has advanced and now, buying your stuff with the american express platinum card is simple.

Some people might still connect to the internet with their cat5 networking cables. The mobile web with the smartphones and hotspots is a big jump. Running the networking cables around the house and using dsl seems like the stone age.

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