Reaction Channels – Making Money and TV Watching


Watching videos on youtube. What are you looking at on the youtube app? You might like watching tv programs and you go to youtube to watch the reaction videos for the shows that you enjoy. It is a great way to get a different outlook.

The comments section on the youtube videos can be where the action takes place. People can give their opinions and the video makers can advance the conversation. Some people might even choose to start their video channels and become a social media influencer.

Lots of reaction channels are starting to pop up and more people are creating content. It is not out of the question to see people come up from the comments section, as guests, and then start their own channels and platforms.

One of the downsides of doing reaction video channels is that they are always in reactive mode. What happens when the shows that they are reacting to are off the air? They might not have the fuel to create more content.

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Some of the savvy reaction channels are keeping the ball rolling by reacting to more shows. It might make sense. Finding new shows to follow could expand the audience. The reaction channels are getting creative. Some are creating shows that are talking about predictions for the upcoming seasons.

What about watching the shows over again? Watching the shows one time might not be the end. Some of the reaction channels revisit some of the past episodes. How many times have you missed important details? Watching it again might turn into revealing information.

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