It might be easy to keep it simple when it comes to ideas.  Just turn to questions.  You might generate questions in different ways.  Maybe you are walking through the mall on the way to buy something and you notice how empty shopping mall space is just sitting there.  In the past, there were lots of retail stores available in the shopping mall.  There might be real questions about what is going to happen to the shopping mall near me.

Thinking about one topic could lead to more.  What about the outlet mall?  Do you like shopping at the outlet mall over the regular big shopping malls?  A person might have to drive a distance to find an
outlet mall near me.  The shoppers might question whether the outlet mall is going to be cheaper than the local retail shopping available.  Shopping at the outlet mall might turn into an adventure.

Just thinking about shopping might bring up more questions.  Are you into buying more through
amazon?  There are so many reasons to consider shopping at amazon.  You might fall into searching for products on and see the pricing could be attractive.  You could be driving down the street and see the different blue amazon trucks on the road.  Placing your orders online and waiting for your items to arrive is something that is normal these days.  Amazon is a big company and they are doing it in other places too.  Just look at the amazon uk or amazon canada.

When it comes to amazon for shopping, there is a lot to think about.  Entertainment is another part that can pull a shopper in. Are you going to sign up for amazon prime video?  Lots of people might turn to amazon to find the prices for products and others might like to hear from the people that have purchased products.  The customer reviews on amazon might provide some needed insight before making the big purchase.

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In the past, shopping might have been an adventure at the local mall.  The inventories might have been limited.  Over the years, the companies have expanded and the internet opened up the options and opportunities to buy.  Shoppers might not keep up with the amazon stock, but when it is time to start thinking about buying a product, amazon might be one of the first places to look.

Buying stuff online and in the real world can be a big choice.  What if things don’t go as planned?  Taking items back or discussing problems means that customer service becomes an issue.  Is the customer service experience going to be good at the store?  Some stores might put a premium on their customer service options.  Is the process and interaction easy?  Some shoppers might like the experience of using amazon customer service.

Walking through the empty malls might showcase a shift.  Some people still like shopping with the regular retail mall experience, but things have changed.  The retail jobs might be different from the amazon jobs.  Online shopping might bring up a different type of work force.  Delivery and logistics jobs are just a few that might come to mind. The shift to shopping online brings up a different set of opportunities and challenges.

The inventory at the local mall might pale in comparison to the information about products online.  The shopping customers have a chance to price check and this could make a big difference.  The internet brings in the chance for more choice.  Are you going to find the products locally to pick up the item faster?  Are you going to search for the lowest price and wait for the item be shipped and delivered?  These are just a few of the questions that shoppers might think about when making buying decisions.

Technological advancements are making a difference in just about every market.  In the past, people might have made a special trip to buy the latest music releases.  Now, buying music online through options like amazon music could be a quick thought and a download.  Just think about where things are now and where they might be headed in the future.

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