Start adding to your data skills.  Are you going to start searching for data online that you can use to increase your data management skills?  Downloading csv files and learning how to import data into programming tools could be an adventure.

It might be a good option to start learning programming tools like python.  Importing csv in python could be one of your options for learning.  When it comes to python programming, there could be python packages that can help when it comes to data.

Watching python programming tutorials on youtube could be an entry point to picking up more python skills.  Are you going to start watching the python freecodecamp videos online?  Adding to your data skills could be the main objective.  Python is a popular computer programming language that is flexible.

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Graphing the data and using packages like numpy could require spending time learning how to use the tools.  Numpy tutorials on youtube could help with your learning.  There are lots of data sources that could be a good option for getting started.  Downloading csv datasets and running your python programs could turn into regular part of your daily routine.

Learning how to use data is an evergreen topic.  Just think about all the devices connected to the internet and where things are headed.  The internet of things and big data are factors that must come into play.

Python and data is a powerful combination.   It can be a good idea to watch the python panda youtube videos to pick up more details. Make sure to check online for the python cheatsheets and the pandas cheatsheets.  Learning the different python commands and pandas commands could create a solid foundation.

Another big topic of discussion is automation.  Are you going to learn about various software tools for automation?  How will this play into your data and python opportunities?  It is important to keep up with the tools and think about how they can have an impact.

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