How are you going to start making money after you learn computer programming?  You might have started reading python programming books, but you still don’t know how to make money.

What are you going to do to earn?  Are you going to sign up for the gig sites like fiverr and upwork?  Are you going to start your own business and create solutions?  Learning how to make money with your coding skills is a big issue.

After getting your coding skills, the first thought is probably going to be go and find a job.  Searching the job boards like and other big named job sites might have listings for entry level programmer.  Are you going to start networking to find entry level programming jobs?  Are you going to go online to start networking to locate online job opportunities?

Gator Website Builder

Youtube has lots of videos that talk about how to make money.  Could any of those youtube videos help new programmers?  When you search the youtube site, you might start learning about different niches and categories.  There are lots of niches in the world of development.  Now, you might start seeing a different route for building applications.  The low code and no code development tools are becoming popular.  Software as a service and micro software as a service are a few other niches that might start to pop up.  Are you going to look for more opportunities in other areas?

Learning how to code might change the way that you think.  Learning one language might make it easier to learn other languages.  Some people might start searching for the new options online like web3 programming and crypto. Could you take your programming skills to the emerging technologies?  If you are already knowledgeable in another area, it might be a good idea to think about how you can apply your programming skills in that area.  Consider creating your own projects.  Are you going to get involved in open source projects?  Always keep your eyes open for more opportunities.


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