(PLR) Strategic Marketing Playbook 2.0


Marketing is important for any business.  Learning more about the fundamentals of marketing might need to be on the training schedule.  Who could benefit from learning more about marketing?  Just think about all the people that are jumping into social media.  Plenty of people are launching social media profiles and pages and they might not have the training in marketing.

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How could strategic marketing playbook be used for different social media niches?  Could brand new youtube channel owners benefit from strategic marketing playbook 2.0?  There are plenty of new youtube channels that are not currently monetized with google adsense.  Learning more about marketing is not just tied to web business.  What about the regular local business owner?  They might be really good at their job, but they don’t have the training in marketing.   Could strategic marketing playbook 2.0 open up new ideas and concepts?

Product: (PLR) Strategic Marketing Playbook 2.0

Fundamental Marketing Principles and How They Are Applied

Video Training On Marketing Fundamentals

USP ( Unique Selling Proposition )

List Building


Marketing Alliances

Vendor: Charles Harper

Network: WarriorPlus



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