What are you going to do with all the content? Do you have a plan for the private label rights content? It might be time to think about the plr articles and ebooks like the premium gas that you are putting into the car. You have the gas stations near me that are showing the prices. They are all selling pretty much the same thing, but they might have a different brand name attached.

Some of the shoppers for gas might only care about the price. They might look up on their car dashboard and see that their gas tank is approaching empty. They just need to get gas to keep the car rolling. Others might have another need to stop at the closest gas station.

For some, the gas is only the beginning of the sales process. You might see some gas stations at places that you don’t quickly think about. Have you ever noticed a gas station at costco or a gas station at samsclub? There is a convenience factor that comes into play. The big box retail stores have another reason for people to come into the store. They might need gas and they know that they get a good price on it. It is just one more reason to get a costco membership or samsclub membership. The low gas prices might be just the attraction that gets people to come to the store and they could end up buying more items.

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When you think about how the people are buying the gas, you might get another transaction. Are people just paying for gas with cash? No. They might pull out their credit cards or debit cards to pay to fill up their gas tanks. There could be plenty of other transactions that happen as a result of putting in the right attractive factors. The shoppers have to know if they can use their credit cards at the stores. Will the navy federal credit union credit card be accepted? Is there a requirement for the mastercard credit card, american express credit card or the visa credit card for purchases?

Think about how you are going to use the private label rights articles and ebooks. What else are they connected to that could turn into more transactions? Don’t just look at them as articles and ebooks. Consider them to be the gas that fuels lots of connected issues.

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