Brainstorm how you can start to use plr content.  It could be a good idea to look at the plr topics for more ideas.  Searching for the plr articles and ebooks might not be difficult at all.  It is very easy to find masses of plr content that can take up a chunk of your time.

Even before you make the choice to add the plr products into your shopping cart, you might begin to get more ideas.  Some people might discount some of the old plr from the past, but it might provide some valuable insights for the current times.

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When things are going well financially, people might not think in a certain way.  The topics of saving money and dealing with a down economy might be on the back burner.  The idea of layoffs might not be the trending headlines, but when the economy does take a dip, people might shift their thinking.  New topics might come up that were not popular before.

The business marketplace can go through different cycles.  It might be time to start viewing some of the plr from the past to get an idea of what is possible.  Are you going to start making some new connections after reading the plr headlines?  When the current news is talking about layoffs, some people might just stop there, but it might have a different impact.  Are some of those former employees going to turn into the new business owners?  Are some of those former employees going to head off to get training in a new field?   Starting to look through the old plr articles and ebooks might begin to brew up some new concepts for the current times.

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