Start making graphics. One of the topics that you hear a lot about when it comes to plr is the word change. You want to change the graphics. You might want to change the name.

Pick up fonts and start looking at how to come up with designs. Maybe you are good with making graphics and this could be your outlet. Start brainstorming new content branding and options.


Consider all the different niches and ways that you can transform the topic. You might really start to stretch into different areas.

If you don’t know how to make graphics, it might be time to start using some of the gig sites like fiverr and upwork. Outsourcing to service providers is not a new topic. Big companies use outsourcing all the time, why not put it to work for your ventures?

Gator Website Builder

Private label rights content is the raw material. PLR is like the gas that is bought by the big oil companies. You are the refinery. You are the one that is going to bring the gas to the local market. You might set up your own gas station brands. Think about the local gas station and all the different ways that they make money. The gas gets people coming in the door, but they sell lots of other related products and services.

There are lots of ( exxon, shell, ampm, valero ) gas station brands that are selling gas, but they all have their different spin. Some might sell at a higher price point. Others might have big markets that sell lots of products. Some could have car washes and other businesses inside. There could be lots of variations when it comes to the final product. Sometimes, you might see a gas station go through renovations. They might completely revamp the store. They could change the signs, the colors and much more. The same thing can happen when it comes to plr. You need to think about doing a plr renovation with graphics and branding.

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