Paying With Cash or Credit Card or Debit Card?


Are you going to keep paying for your products and services with cash or are you going to start using a debit card or credit card? Does it get frustrating to wait in line and watch people pay with cash?
It seems like it can be a faster transaction when a person can pull out a credit card or debit card and get the transaction completed.

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Think about all the people looking at their gas tank meter and seeing that they need to put in some regular gas. They pull into the local gas station near me and they then make the choice of how to pay.
Are they going to pull out the cash from the wallet and go inside of the store to pay? Are they going to add the cash at the pump outside? What about locating the american express gold card and swiping it to pay for the gas? With the american express card, they might be adding to the point balances.

Paying for products and services with cash might have been the only option in the past, but now, there are all types of credit cards and debit cards. The idea of getting rewards points or cash back might be a big reason to pull out the credit card or debit card and pay.

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