Keep up with your current habits and think about how to apply them to making money online. You might be kicking back at the house and you are thinking about your bank account. What are you currently spending your money on?

Are you keeping up with how you are spending your money? Pulling up the banking app on your smartphone might give some details on where your money is going. You might pick up the remote control and turn on the tv to start watching netflix. How much are you paying netflix per month in subscription costs? This might not be a downside. Are you keeping a running total of how much you are spending on your entertainment?

The netflix login might not be a bad idea. You are watching content and you might end up coming up with more ideas. What are the ideas that you could pull in from watching the latest episodes of netflix witcher? How could the show witcher on netflix relate to business? Start getting more creative.

Maybe the witcher is not a show that you would like to watch on netflix. There are lots of movies and shows on the app. You might just want to keep up with the trends and view what others are talking about. Did you watch the netflix show called squid game? Your netflix monthly subscription payment might be a good option when it comes to entertainment and more ideas. Watching the show might have sparked you talking about it. Did you watch squid game and talk to it about your friends and family members? Did squid game make you think about the current finances and decisions that people are willing to make?

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Playing netflix movies and tv shows on your tv might start lots of new ideas and brainstorming sessions. You might be scrolling through lots of videos on netflix and it can be a great way to escape your normal day to day. You might even take a step back and view netflix from a business point of view and not as a consumer. You might start paying closer attention to the netflix subscription business model. Think about how they offer netflix free trials to build up the customer base. Think about how easy it is to enter in your netflix payment details.

Pay attention, even when you are just kicking back at home. You might be able to add more skills and pick up new ideas just by focusing in a little closer with a business mindset. Are you going to pay for your netflix subscription with a debit card? What about using a credit card with rewards points? What about the crypto debit cards and credit cards?

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