Pay Closer Attention To The Video Content – Youtube Thumbnails + Youtube Headlines + Video Content


Watching the youtube videos can give you clues on how to get things done. Just the other day, there was a video that popped up in the youtube recommended video list and the youtube thumbnail was attractive. It talked about google ads and making money.

Clicking on the youtube thumbnail and starting to watch the video quickly shifted the thinking. It didn’t take long to realize that the video was not going to be really focused on the google ads, it was going to be focused on something else.

Instead of the video being only focused on the google ads, it put most of the information on building a website. The google ads video showed how to create a website to promote an affiliate offer. The actual google ad portion of the video was really short, but the portion of the video talking about building and setting up a wordpress blog was much longer.

Did the video fulfill the requirement of the title? Yes. It did. The people watching the video got a free tutorial on how to build a wordpress blog. The video was the perfect way to educate and at the same time drive traffic to affiliate offers for domain names and web hosting. This really accomplished two things with one video.

The video did show how easy it was to build a website with wordpress and the right web hosting solution. The video even talked about getting the https set up correctly. This was a tip for getting the google ads approved.

A secure website is important moving forward. Learning how to get google ads approved is a big topic. Getting traffic is one of those evergreen topics and learning how to create blogs is important in general. The video could be useful to lots of different niches.

Gator Website Builder

Someone that is not even thinking about running google ads might benefit from watching the video. It is easy to remember being on facebook groups and seeing fb posts from users of the group that wanted to get a website created for their business. The google ads video on youtube would be a great link to share with people in the facebook group that were just starting their business.

It just goes to show that the youtube thumbnail and the youtube headline are important parts of videos. These are the first things that a person sees. It is important to create high quality youtube thumbnails and catchy youtube headlines to have a chance to get the viewers.

Another point to remember is to deliver on what you are promoting. The google ads video did meet the expectations, but it took a deep dive around other related topics. The video went into great detail on how to get the site set up correctly. Lots of tips were revealed in the video. It just goes to show that some of the video creators are working really hard to deliver quality content.

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Watching youtube videos can be an educational opportunity. It can be a great way to learn new things. The video content on youtube can be more than just entertainment. Pay closer attention to what you are seeing from the business standpoint. Look at how the information is presented.

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