Pay Attention To The Video Content Types


The social media apps might have video types that catch your attention. The tiktok for you page might showcase video types that get your mind thinking about the recent past.

It is amazing how time can fly. The videos that talk about the past could connect with audiences. The food spots that you might have enjoyed that are no long around. The abandoned properties and what they looked like a long time ago. It is a good idea to take note of the types of video content that you consume.

These types of videos might fall into the category of faceless video content. Some of the videos don’t even use voiceovers. A simple song plays through the video and the images appear and disappear like a photobook.

Is the content going to be in the evergreen category? In the future, people might be interested in learning more about the time period and the popular items and ideas.

Doing the research and coming up with the scripts and images for the videos and content creation might be time consuming, but who knows with the power of outsourcing and the technology tools available.

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Watching a few of the videos might change your mind about making content. You might even notice other content creators that don’t mind being on camera or using their voice for videos. Are you going to record video with your smartphone and create videos for your own channels? Vlogging is another video format that could turn into social media traffic.

Just make sure that your smartphone is charged up and ready to go. You never know when you are going to record a piece of content that turns into something. Lots of content creators might make video content and they are shocked when it goes viral.

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