The computer monitors and the old computers might be collecting dust. Should you come up with a way to put the used and refurbished computers to good use?  Even if the computers are not the latest to hit the market, they could still retain some value.

Are you going to start using the refurb computers for blogging?  You might be able to put use an operating system like linux that can breathe new life into an elderly computer system.  Coming up with content for a blog could be your way to get more from your older computers.

Maybe your goal is not to just create blog posts, you might also consider writing an ebook.  Writing content on your computer system could be a way to get more things accomplished.  You could be building up your typing speed and creating content that could be offered in the ebook format.

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Your old computer might be your option for connecting online.  Computers are powerful systems and learning with your old computer might be an alternative.  You might download free ebooks or read information online that could turn into a new skill.

Using your old computer system to learn python might bring up new opportunities.  Learning how to code with python and a database system like mysql or mongodb could open up new doors.  One of the other options could be making videos.  Screen recording software programs like could be a source for your video content.  Could you make good quality videos on your used dell computer system?  Uploading your videos to your youtube video channel could get a person on the road to earning online.  The youtube parternship program is a popular program that people want to join.  Getting the ypp requirements could mean spending lots of time making video content.  Are you going to start making video content on your old computer?

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