Niche – Gas Stations and Membership Clubs


One of the reasons to shop at the big box stores is the chance to also buy gas. Some people just buy their gas from the local gas station, but others might like picking up their gas at the warehouse shopping centers. Why are people going there to buy their gasoline? It could be the pricing.

People already spend money on the shopping club membership fees and the ability to stop off and get gas is a great option. It is like knocking out two tasks at one time. Stopping to fill up the gas tank at the costco or sams club might be a quick stop before running into the store.

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Spending money on a costco membership or sams club membership might not be that pricey and seeing the prices at warehouse clubs versus the local gas station near me might be attractive. Some people are going to drive a lot and the costco or sams club warehouse might not be close by. Shoppers are kind of savvy these days and pulling out the technology tools like the mobile phone can reveal the low priced gas near by.

Are you going to install the gas buddy app and check for the lowest gas prices in your area? Some people might not care about the current gas prices, but others might pay attention. One of the things to remember when it comes to buying gas at the membership clubs is how you are going to pay. If you are paying with a credit card, you might need to check to see if your type of card is accepted. Getting rewards points or cash back rewards might be a part of your routine and some types of cards might not work.

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