It is very easy to remember the first days of walking on to the college campus. Taking those first steps across the street into the world of higher learning was a big moment. Figuring out where the first classes were going to be held and viewing the map was a great feeling.

Before making it to the classroom, there were lots of booths with people standing around. Welcome to the new world of finance. The action was getting ready to take place. While students might be focused on getting good grades, there was another game getting ready to begin. Finance.

There were plenty of credit card companies and banks that were available to the students. Some might think that this was a bad thing, but that might be short sighted. It probably would have been more helpful to get an introductory class to the world of business and finance. Getting a bank account, finding a job and beginning to establish credit was all coming into clear view.

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What is the bank that you are going to choose? What are the credit card companies that you should approach? There was no really analysis happening at the moment. There were plenty of trinkets and giveaways taking place. Are you going to sign up for a credit card and get a free t-shirt?

The freshman walking on campus might not even know about the true power that was in their grasp. Getting access to banking and credit with a fresh credit profile and putting the right pieces into place could really turn into a future power source. Learning the basics of finance and credit could really have a big effect.

Instead of using banking and credit the right way, students might make mistakes that can have a big impact later on. Missing credit card payments and overdrawing bank accounts could have long lasting financial impacts. Learning how to turn bad credit into good credit could require lots of hard work and time.

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