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One of the areas of tech that might be quick to learn is sql. Learning a programming language might be much harder than grasping the simple concepts of a database.

It could be a good option to watch youtube sql tutorial videos to get up to speed quickly. Downloading sql software like mysql to your computer or running sql queries online is a way to get comfortable with writing sql scripts.

Learning how to write the sql syntax might go a long way with your training. SQL is one of those topics that is tied to lots of other areas. Learning how to code sql at the start might be a good option. The backend database is always going to be important when it comes to creating applications.

Getting up to speed with sql should not take too much time. You can find lots of websites and blogs that talk about the subject. You can buy plenty of sql books for a low price. Relational databases are a big part of the data world. There are other data options like columnar database, graph databases and nosql dbs. When people think about database management systems, they are probably going to think about sql first.

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Learning how to select, insert, update and delete is much of the heavy lifting. There are lots of functions and keywords to pick up, but when you get a firm understanding of the basics, you are in the game.

The beauty of the internet is the ability to pull up a video on youtube and watch it until you get it. You can watch the various sql tutorial for beginner videos and keep going until you are comfortable with the sql advanced tutorial videos.

Creating your own databases and running commands can help build up your confidence when it comes to data management. You might want to look at some of the open data sources and flex your muscles. Learning how to import and export data is another skill to add to your portfolio.

Start searching the data related job descriptions to start learning more information. Figure out what the letters stand for when it comes to etl. Watch the youtube videos on youtube talking about digital transformation and data driven business.

Taking the first step into the world of data by watching youtube videos could expand your opportunities. Visit sites like and type in the keywords like data and sql. View the requirements for the entry level data jobs.

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